Hierarchy of attention

I was wondering if there was a definite way to self-identify my most efficient learning style (in the VARK: Visual, Auditory, Reading, Kinaesthetic sense).  What is the hierarchy of input stimuli to which I most respond ?

A couple of events may have partially answered it for me …

I was listening to a podcast while watching my son’s football training.  At times when something interesting happened in front of me I completely missed the audio track and kept having to re-play it.   So it seems like Visual trumps Audio in my brain.

Likewise my parents have taken to putting subtitles on when watching TV.  If I’m watching TV at their house I can’t stop reading the subtitles, even though I can hear it perfectly well.  This means that I spend more time reading the on-screen text than watching the picture.   So it seems like Text/Reading beats a Visual stimulus.

I’m not sure by what method I’d test Kinaesthetic attention.   But I think that I’ve indicated a learning (or input) preference for myself:   (1) Text > (2) Visual > (3) Audio.


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